Who is the podcast for?

I decided to start the podcast “Blanca to go” for intermediate students that have a good grammar base and are able to communicate in Spanish, but they don’t feel comfortable in a conversation because their listening skills are not as good.

In the episode I try to pronounce and have a proper speed so that episode by episode you are able to understand more and more, improving your ability to listen.

In the episode I talk about several various topics related with the Spanish language, culture and lifestyle, I also have guests from different Spanish speaking countries so you can get familiar with all sort of accents and varieties of Spanish.

“Blanca to go” is thought for students like you, so week by week you can improve your Spanish listening skills while listening to the episodes.

The word by word transcript of each episode will help you in the process to reach the goal of having relaxed conversations with native speakers without the stress, tension, and fear of keep thinking …”am I going to understand everything they say?” “What are they going to say next?” “Could I give an appropriate answer?“ during the whole interaction, because you will be ready for all kinds of conversations.

Available episodes