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Blanca to go - Aprende español de manera entretenida

I am Blanca, Spanish teacher and creator of the podcast “Blanca to go”.

I now live in Edinburgh, Scotland, a wonderful city with a special charm, but I was born in Miranda de Ebro (1), a town, in a privileged location, because although it is part of Burgos, Castilla y León, it is very close to the Basque Country, in 20 minutes you can be in Vitoria, it is also near La Rioja, which I am sure you have know because of the wine.

I studied in the University of Salamanca (2) a University City, that if you haven’t thought of visiting, write it on your list! It is totally worth it!

The north of Spain is a bit different from the sun and beach idea that a lot of people have of Spain. In fact, it gets really cold in winter, and yes! We even get snow!

I have been a Spanish teacher for more than 7 years, I started with face-to-face lessons and slowly I have transitioned into the online world. And honestly, I love it!

Nowadays we are all busy, with lots of things to do, and I think the online world is the perfect solution that accommodates to the needs and schedules of each and every one of us.

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Blanca to go - Aprende español de manera entretenida

Why I became a teacher.

Truth is:

Also, I realized that all the language schools have pretty much the same philosophy, methods and teaching systems are very similar and a bit old fashioned.

I have also learned a language, English, and I felt like they treated us the same, that is why I have developed the method I would have liked to have.

Each of my lessons is different, and I treat my students in an individual way, tailoring the lessons to their goals and needs.

My goal

My goal is to create a group of people who want to learn Spanish, and that will make us feel inspired and motivated to keep learning, because learning a new language is not a piece of cake, there are times when we feel frustrated and ready to give up.

Trust me, I know! I understand you so well, because I have also been there.

That is why for me it is important to have a connection with the people that are part of my community, so don’t be shy! Leave me a comment or drop me a message to tell me you have been here.

Blanca to go - Aprende español de manera entretenida

Cosas sobre mí

icono libro

I am a book nerd, all kind of books. I read every day and I am always looking for recommendations, so if you have any, I would be happy to hear them.

icono sol

I am an early bird. I like to wake up early and exercise in the mornings.

icono meditación

I meditate every day. I have to admit that at the beginning I struggled, but now I don’t miss a day.

icono maleta

I love travelling and knowing new cities, cultures and people.

icono fotos

I collect experiences, and I learn from there.

icono chocolate

I have a sweet tooth, sweet things are my weakness, specially anything chocolate.

icono plato comida

I am terrible in the kitchen, but I love to eat.

icono café

I would drink coffee the whole day, latte, cortado, cappuccino, chai etc. Unfortunately my body (and my nervous system) only accepts one in the morning and one in the afternoon, never later than 3pm, or I will be awake the whole night.

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